About us
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About us

About the owner

My name is Delmarie van Zyl and I am so grateful that I can run this organization through the vision God has given me fir the entrepreneurs of South Africa.

As an entrepreneur myself, this has really and truly become my passion and drive. To guide and educate other individuals on how to start and succeed in their businesses through practicing and learning the entrepreneurial characteristics of Jesus Christ and how God wants you to run HIS business.

This has been a scary start but i am so looking forward to this adventure. 

We all have a leader inside of us. 


Our Vision


Vision can sometimes be hard to see if you are not looking at it with your heart. God has imprented this vision in our hearts that through this organization we will establish busineses through out South Africa to decrease the unemployment rate, win souls for Gods Kingdom and build leaders for the Glory of God.


Our mission is to supply as much scholarships as possible to the value of R3000 per course for people in South Africa, by starting in Richards Bay. 


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